Suspicious Partner

Ah…long sigh of fulfillment. It has been one long ride for Suspicious Partner, or Love in Trouble -to each their own.

suspicious partnerSince I am a fan of Ji Chang Wook, I have been watching this drama since it started back in May. I enjoyed the cast and plot right away and can claim that it was thrilling and engaging ’til end. Suspicious Partner is an action based-law-romance-comedy drama. With a small cameo from Chansung from 2PM, what more could you ask for.

Now to the nitty gritty, there were plenty of people who found this drama a bit dull and didn’t hold their interest.

suspicious partner (c)

As a disclaimer to these comments, an actor can only show their skill level if character allows that kind of complexity. Dong Ha has once again brought such a detailed character to life and shines the brightest in this drama (much like Song Yoona in K2). Hyun Soo (Dong Ha) holds most of the suspense and mystery of the plot line, therefore a viewer could find the other focal points as boring.

Personally I wanted something different from the relationship between Ji Wook and Bong Hee. I can’t tell you what, I just didn’t feel satisfied. Still I laughed and loved along side the cast, specifically when Ji Wook gets really pissed off.

Or even better Eun Hyuk’s awful awkward laugh.

As for Hyun Soo, the killer –after watching ’till the end– I feel really conflicted and troubled. At first I really did feel that he acted with a purpose and as it unfolded, his actions felt justifiable. Unfortunately if you do watch to the end, that isn’t the case. Still, it felt so painful.

Overall, it has been a while since I watch a drama with so much savage humor. Which was probably what a murder drama needs the most (aka look at My Love from Another Star, Hyun Soo is a savage af).

I would rate it with an A. Ironically, this drama feels a lot like K2, with one character that outshines other characters. I absolutely recommend this drama, however for those who are triggered by things like sexual assault or rape, pass on this one.


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