My KCON 2016 Experience

For some reason it never occurred to me that I could write about my own KCON experience. It is going to be a long ride–so strap in…

In the beginning…

**Feel free to skip to Kcon itself**

To explain my full experience, I have to include some extra info outside of KCON itself. First off, KCON NY was my first live kpop experience. I went with two other friends from college and we did our best to budget and travel together. I am from Texas so travel is rough on the pocket book. We planned to leave a day early, get there in time for early registration and then relax at the hotel…that is absolutely not what happened.

Our flight was delayed three times until almost 9pm, then they didn’t have staff. They found a pilot and boarded the plane; only to find out he was over his hours and the flight was going to have to be cancelled. I can admit that is when the panic set in. We were rerouted for the next day and stayed the night in the airport in Austin. The three of us had to split up on to two different flights to reconnect in Chicago.

Finally, we arrived in Newark around 1pm…only to find out that 2 out of 3 luggage had been lost during the transfer in Chicago. Thanks Southwest!

We stayed at the Double Tree, however when they told us they didn’t have any available rooms and had us wait for an hour…I thought this trip wasn’t worth it. A complete disaster.

*insert kpop saved me joke here*


The Concert

We arrived at the venue after almost everyone was inside, it took less than 10 minutes to be in out seats. Once we sat down, it was like a sigh of relief. DSCF5820

We had P4 tickets at the very edge of the mezzanine level and the view was perfect. Day One performers were Seventeen, Aliee, Crush, BTOB, and Dynamic Duo.

I forgot all of the trouble the last 24 hours had given me.

Seventeen’s performance was flawless and I finally understood that S. Coops is in fact very handsome. I’m sorry that it took me so long. They performed their popular cover of Sorry, Sorry by Super Junior and After School’s Bang!

Dynamic Duo was so hype, of course they know how to control a crowd.

As a side note I wish Aliee would have performed Q&A since the members from Seventeen were this close, but it is okay.  Here are a few really bad pictures from that night. (Your girl is to broke to afford to put videos on here).


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We got back to the hotel ordered some pizza and called it a day.

*********As an extra side note, on our way to our room we bumped into Cortney from 2MinJinkJongKey, who most of us know and love. I did grab a selfie with her, but that is–for her sake and mine–personal.*******


The Convention

Our uber driver got lost on the way to the convention, which fits the kind of luck we had on this trip. We got there around 10am when it first started, since I missed the whole first day I was going to live it up. We walked into the backside of the convention on accident. Since it was free last year there weren’t barriers or anything. We found our way to check-in to pick up our scratch-offs. No luck for all three of us.

Unlike some others, I really love the convention. In Newark the convention is outside and there were plenty of complaints of it being hot, but I am from Texas. Newark’s summer is like our spring.


The bag pick up was in the food court, it wasn’t worth much coupons, a fan, and a sticker.(My memory says there were scratch off stickers in here, but I know that can’t be right.) Unless there is no line, don’t pick it up. There was plenty of food and snacks, some options cheaper than others. I think the Melona was $2 while the lemonade was $4. We also got fried ddeokbokki. Instead of waiting in line for the more expensive vendors we got cheap fast food at a McDonald’s around the corner before the concert.

On the stage outside they had lots of cool stuff going on. Cover dance competition (As pictured). Traditional Korean dancers. A Korean trivia game with a chance to win a trip to South Korea. I really enjoy watching this kind of stuff.

stuff from kcon

All the beauty and merchandise booths were in front of that stage. I picked up Got7’s Departure album, a Mamamoo fan for $5 and a wrist band for $1. Duft and Doft was giving away free spray or lotion if you followed them on Instagram. We also picked up a free lightstick from bibigo.

Not pictured–we got sample dumplings from bibigo, a fan, and a nice bag. At the Leaders Insolution booth they were giving out free Mamamoo posters and hair pieces.

We all know KCON is about patience, preparation and timing. Now, here is my ‘you dumb idiot’ moment. While roaming around I ended up in front of the Toyota booth, at the time there weren’t many people there and I was near the front behind the gate. A few of us were talking and one of the artists was going to come out. NOW MY DUMB ASS– waited around for almost 20 minutes, just chillin’, talking to the people around me; until my friend texts me and asks where I am since I said I would meet them for the aegyo battle. So I slowly start to back my way out because there is now a huge crowd behind me.IMG_3681

About half way out of the crowd, the screaming starts and DAY6 walks out. It dawns on me all at once that I have made a grave mistake. I went to Kcon to see Mamamoo, DAY6 and Seventeen and look what my dumbass just did.

Bitterness set aside, the convention portion is what you make of it. I loved it from beginning to end…my friends? Not so much, they opted to a seat in the shade half way through.

The Concert

****Before I start, I want to complain. There were twice the amount of people the second day over the first. Why? BTS was performing that day. I AM NOT HATING ON ARMYS. I’m not. I think I once identified as one, now I’m just a fan. However, I was a little sad that there was so much love for BTS and not the other performers. The screams when they came out…deaf.****

We were most excited for this day. In order of performance: Mamamoo, Eric Nam, Day6 and BTS (this might actually be wrong since it was a year ago).


Mamamoo! They seemed a little anxious or a little reserved. I hope this was due to nervousness and not discomfort. Still my lovely ladies did fantastic.

I was not an Eric Nam fan before this, but after seeing him perform ‘Into You’…hooked. He did a great job of owning such a large stage on his own and showed plenty of energy. Aliee also came back to feature on a song with Eric that I yet again cannot remember.

DAY6 who I was SOOOOO pumped to see (my sister, who isn’t into kpop, loves them too now). They only performed Letting Go from Daydream, but they did do a mash cover of CNBLUE’s Loser, something by BigBang that I now can’t remember, and ‘Nobody’ by Wonder Girls featuring Mamamoo. It was a double win for me.

Followed by BTS

There it is. A poorly written KCON experience. Still every moment was worth it, even given its price. I spent around $1200 on the trip. That includes my spending money and I paid for both nights at the hotel. We also spent a day in New York, which I included in the price. This could easily be done with $900 and some planning. I packed non-perishable food in my luggage for breakfast and dinner, so we only had to pay for lunch. However, my luggage got lost for the entirety of the first day and we had to stay in the airport for longer than expected.

I will be going to KCON LA in a few weeks. I will do another review soon after I get back and not wait an entire year. Home girl bought a new camera, pray for better pictures. Pray I don’t have the ‘dumb idiot’ moment again.

I don’t know if anyone is interested in more concert reviews. I went to Shinee in Dallas earlier this year. I will also be attending Seventeen in Dallas after KCON. Let me know! I might just do them for fun.



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