I Can Hear Your Voice

I can hear your voice, your broken heart’  

I’m a Standing Egg fan, if you can tell. 

I watched this drama about three weeks ago. I didn’t even know this drama existed until three weeks ago. Someone let me down. This drama has my favorite duck actor Jong Suk and my grown baby Sang Hyun (who you may or may not know from Shopping King Louie). The story line follows the crossing paths of Sooha, who can hear peoples thoughts after looking into their eyes, and Hyesung, a rebellious lawyer. Both have to deal with a murder set on revenge. With both elements of fear and love this drama starts off with potential; it doesn’t let down.





If you aren’t a fan of Jong Suk’s acting yet, this is ‘the’ drama. His character is very 3-D, from boyish protective to manly rage. Jong Suk portrays this naturally. He masters his facial expression in such a natural way, when his character goes through some type of distress it is so heart breaking.

i can hear your voice (a)

Many viewers on Dramafever expressed their distaste for Bo Young’s character (not her acting skill). I can understand some people finding her character unsavory, rude and in many situations over barring. However, I find this very realistic and thoughtful of the story line. Especially when you consider the amount of forgiveness thrown around given the situation.

**Here is an extremely personal side note to this drama**

Most movies and shows can hold hooks for deeper meanings. We never grow up from children’s stories, there is always a moral of the story. Even when it wasn’t intended. With that said, there is a lot of…envelope pushing with this drama. Like Missing Nine and The Entertainer …forgiveness is courage. Happiness comes from moving on. However, these characters present this closer to reality. Soo Ha, a character who is understanding in all other aspects, deeply struggles with forgiveness. While Hye Sung, a character built on spite and mistrust, pushes herself past revenge and resentment. This says something about judging personalities.


The supporting cast roles are just as important to the plot and don’t act as filler. The teach and learn from the main roles, as well as the audience. You have characters the grow and change. You have characters who are stubborn and un-moving. This drama feels full and warm. Worth every moment. I finished it in 2 days.

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Oddly rated at an A-

It maybe due to violence (something I don’t do well with). The age gap did bother me from time to time, this drama didn’t give a second glance to the fact she was in love with a high school student.

Highly recommend


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