Penny Pinchers – Movie

Way back when, in June, I was trying to watch a bunch of movies. I feel like I don’t give enough attention to movies like I used to. Penny Pinchers is a straight forward title.The story begins with (Ye Seul) Hong-Sil trying to recycle (Joong Ki) Ji-Woong’s beer bottles, because hey! that is worth money.  I totally identify with the broke have to get by ideal. Understanding what its like to have to scrape by I quite liked this movie. Penny_Pinchers

Joong Ki’s character is lacking a lot and due to his irresponsibility he has to rely on Hong Sil. Of course love gets involved. This is a bit on the raunchy side. Joong Ki desperately trying to sleep with a girl and coming up 25 cents short for condoms. penny pinchers (A)

Love, laughs and despair. However the movie isn’t a seller for me. It lacks a forward plot, useful supporting cast and underlying meanings that give the viewer a full stomach. I think of this movie much like indie films that miss the mark.

While I love The Recipe for its indie film feel, I don’t love Penny Pinchers the same. I still recommend it, I mean how do I tell you to avoid Song Joong Ki.


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