Seventeen Carat Bong

I was ecstatic to get my first official light stick. They sure are expensive! Still Carat Bongs are crazy pretty. So here is my un-boxing to prove it.

I bought my carat bong from ManduapparelĀ . I paid $62 for mine including shipping. It arrived in about 2 weeks. I paid $10 for shipping which is the cheapest option.

Even the outside box is pretty. Honestly, I was so stoked.

It takes 3 AAA batteries and comes with a strap. It has three settings, two flashing, which are really standard for light sticks. If you hold the button for 20 seconds it will flash a whole bunch of colors. Also! If you notice the inside ring is not fully serenity it has a little bit of rose quartz on one side of the diamond. Which I really love…

I saw them at KCON NY last year, KCON LA this year and went to the Shinning Diamond Tour in Dallas. One of the best concerts I have ever been to. The live talent within the group punches you in the face.

Update:THIS THING KILLS BATTERIES! I don’t know if this is just common knowledge, but I can put a pair of new batteries in this sucker and it will kill one of them after a few minutes of use. Cheap batteries lasted longer than the expensive ones…


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