Slather it on! Let’s talk about sunscreen!

It has been for-freaken-ever since I have gotten time and motivation to put together a review. I have all the pictures set aside and a few categories picked out. School, social life, work and now a boyfriend have gotten in the way. Nonetheless! Winter is here and you know what that means? Sunscreen is still the first basic layer in your skin care routine. I have been waiting until I had three to compare to give more full review. However I actually have four.



Yadah’s Oh My Sun Block SPF35 PA++ ($8)

Citrus smell
Absorbs well
                                                Sits under makeup


Eclado Laboratory Oil Free Sun Scream SPF 40 PA++ (Free Sample)


Absorbs well
No smell
Thick texture
No oil residue


Etude Houses’ Sunprise Mild watery light SPF 50+ PA+++ ($6)

Citrus smell
Absorbs quickly
Sits well under make up
Not very breathable



Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Sunscreen Stick ($4)

Does not sit well under make up
Chocolate smell

That is my thoughts on that…next time I want to cover aloe vera gel!